Hagai Izenberg at Edges and Glaciers

Hagai Izenberg ft. Daniel Meir

חגי איזנברג - קצוות וקרחונים

חגי איזנברג מארח את דניאל מאיר

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1000 stars - Night Parade פסטיבל 1000 הכוכבים - תהלוכת הלילה

Parade of the tribes in the streets of Arba Minch – 1000 stars festival, Arba Minch, South Ethiopia, the night of the festival.

חמישים ושישה שבטים מדרום אתיפיה במשך שלושה ימים –  פסטיבל 1000 הכוכבים משנת 2008

תהלוכת השבטים בלילה שלפני פתיחת הפסטיבל


1000 Stars Festival - Day 1 Part 1 פסטיבל 1000 הכוכבים - יום 1 חלק 1

Festival opening speach – Gomo Gofa Zone Administrator, Elders Blessing – Gamo Elders.    Gamo, Gofa, Gofa, Gidicho, Zaise, Oida, Eka Dema (deramalo) Association Music Group, Gamo – Chencha Association Group, Gamta – Zigiti Association Music Group, Hararw Association Music Group, Dita Association Music Group, Zala Kemba Association Music Group, Erbore, Halaba, Mashola, Nao, Yem, Kusme, Hamer, Tembaro, Surma, Gedeo, Tsemay, Berayle, Guraghe, Karo, Bench, Dawuro, Male, Kore, Mesiye, Kembata, Debose, Mursi, Meinit, Konso, Silte Sidama, Kebbena, Kenebata, Ari, Shekkicho, Chara, Bodi, Konta, Oromo (Bprena Zone), Kenya ( Northern Kenyans), Dime, Burji, Derashe, Kafficho, Mareko, Bena, Basket, Donga, Sheko, Hadiya, Dasenech, Dizi, Mejenger, Ngangetom, Woliata.    About Arba Minch Festival of Music and Dance    “it would have taken months of travelling to have seen half of these amazing people” – Dan Harper, VSO worker    The Festival of 1000 Stars is organised by the Global Music Exchange and Gughe Music and Arts Association, and is funded by the Christensen Fund.    The festival aims to promote the rich cultural diversity of peoples of Southern Ethiopia, and encourage respect and appreciation for their fascinating and varied heritage. It has been growing year on year since 2003. Last year 45,000 came to enjoy the richness of talent and encourage the performers to greater heights.    “It felt like the friendliest festival in Africa” – Su Hart    The 2008 festival took place on 13th-15th December in the Rift valley, Arba Minch, Ethiopia: one day’s drive from Addis.  

חמישים ושישה שבטים מדרום אתיפיה במשך שלושה ימים –  פסטיבל 1000 הכוכבים משנת 2008