Experimental Israel - Guy Harries - Improv 2
ישראל הנסיונית - גיא הריז - אלתור 2
Experimental Israel - Guy Harries - Improv 1
ישראל הנסיונית - גיא הריז - אלתור 1
Experimental Israel - Guy Harries
ישראל הנסיונית - גיא הריז
16:02, 20.10.2014
Daniel Davidovsky


In cities with a lack of parking, almost everyone has a bicycle. It’s a known fact that bicycles are the green answer to transportation as well as the healthiest form of city commuting. Bicycle riding in urban areas may be considered an innocent, yet subversive act at the same time.  Critical thinking along with a passion for music and bicycles is what generated the idea of linking both worlds.

Daniel Davidovsky converts his bicycle into a musical instrument. By attaching a contact microphone to the bike’s frame and applying various physical gestures and techniques, it is possible to amplify the sounds produced by the different parts of the bicycle.

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